Microbiology is fascinating!

That’s why we combine all our expertise to build beautifull and flexible systems for Rapid Microbial Detection

Bacteria make up most of earths biomass. Microorganisms are the most dominant cell type in and on the human body outnumbering human cells. Most of these bacteria are beneficial even essential for a healthy life.  But on the other side, bacteria are responsible for ending more human lives than any other infectious agents; -in some parts of the world- they are the number one cause of all deaths.

LumiByte offers complete solutions for rapid microbial detection. Our technologies empower microbiologists by providing the essential information needed to take action days before traditional methods.

MuScan for single cell detection using solid phase cytometry. No need for culturing, simply filtrate, scan and see. Quantitative results within 1 hour instead of days.

Near instant rapid microbial detection!

The ColonyTracker provides ultra fast automated detection of microbial contamination of pharmaceutical and/or biotechnological products. The fully automated microscopic detection of bacterial division is not only quantitative and non-destructive but also very fast and easy to implement into routine.

 Automated Real Time Microscopic Growth Monitoring!

The MuScan
The MuScan combines ultra-efficient filtration to capture minute amounts of bacteria from large sample volumes. The MuScan platform, in combination with dedicated testkits, can subsequently detect, quantify and identify all bacteria in the initial sample. This offers a fast and sensitive solution for filterable microbiological samples.
Filtrate Microbiology


Scanning microbiology


Yeast MuScan