LumiByte provides innovative, reliable, easy to use Rapid Microbial Detection Systems and analytical instruments that meet its customers’ needs from a standpoint of optimal service.
We are continuously in contact with our customers and partners.
We respond to innovative ideas by modifying and developing products that contribute to quality enhancement and / or cost containment in pharmaceutical companies, food processing, biomedical analysis and research.
To date we have transformed two innovative techniques into money and life saving rapid microbial detection systems.

Save time- save money – save lives

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The urge – of a few creative and smart people – to see the invisible, to look beyond the pixels, to revolutionize and to invent leaded the MuScan.
A FuMo (Functional Model) of the MuScan was developed and tested. The first test samples found their origin in kitchen fridges of the team.
From the moment we saw the first Lactobacillus spp. we knew,…
We have since then seen many different microbes from Salmonella to Tuberculosis, to E. coli, cocci, vibrios and twisted bacteria. The more we learn the m ore we know: Microbiology is fascinating! We will build a few more rapid microbial detection systems, perhaps for you?
In 2013 we used TimeLapse imaging technology to create the ColonyTracker. The Colonytracker allows for ultra fast antibiotic susceptibility testing.
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Our development department is ready to think with you so you can achieve your goals faster and better.
We are global in outlook and approach, LumiBytes technical leaders are steeped in the challenges of delivering development solutions for your application.
We are committed to sharing our innovation and experience to inform international development practices worldwide.
Besides our development department there is a sales staff waiting to answer your questions.
Our system designer is waiting for you to call and design a beautiful solution for your Rapid Microbial detection needs.

Work with Us, Discover with Us

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