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Automated Rapid Microbial quality control testing

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LumiByte provides innovative systems for ultra fast microbial detection. The ColonyTracker provides faster detection of microbial contamination of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. The automated microscopic detection of bacterial division is quantitative, non-destructive and very fast.

Quantitative, Non-Destructive and Very Fast!

Time savings ColonyTracker LumiByte

Non-destructive quantification of dividing micro-organisms.

Viable and Culturable Micro-Organisms

The ColonyTracker delivers non-destructive and automated sterility testing, bioburden and environmental monitoring based on bacterial division.

Automation of microbial testing minimizes error prone manual steps and saves labor. The rapid detection of contamination enables manufacturers to reduce inventory costs, shorten manufacturing cycle time, and reduce product losses. This means significant cost savings and an increase of operational efficiency.

The ColonyTracker detects contamination of viable and culturable micro-organisms days faster than standard methods; undeniable economic benefits to manufacturers, while improving the quality process.

ColonyTracker for growth detection
PetriDish microbial growth media
ColonyTracker for rapid microbial growth detection
The ColonyTracker uses proprietary digital imaging technology that automatically enumerates microcolonies days earlier than the traditional visual plate counting methods.


1 ColonyTracker holds up to six 9cm plates, four microtiter plates or seventeen 6 cm plates

The device fits in most standard incubators

Smart imaging technology – based on the proven MuScan scanning technology – scans the complete sample surface in a step and scan process. Scanning is repeated at multiple timepoints. By comparing the digitized optical information changes (growth) of individual microcolonies is detected. By detecting microcolonies composed of a small number of cells, the ColonyTracker can automatically report the number of colony forming units in a sample days earlier than the current visual culture method.

Easy validation


Rapid enumeration with the ColonyTracker enables manufacturers to make timely cost saving decisions and reduce inventory carrying expenses by providing results days sooner than the current test method.ColonyTracker for growth detection

Expected savings:

  • Reduced product losses
  • Faster identification of process contaminants

  • Faster release of quarantined goods
  • Reduced labor cost through the automation of sample processing, analysis, and result documentation
  • Reduced cost due to integration with laboratory information and quality systems

LIS/LIMS compatible!

Fully Automated Monitoring

rapid-micro ColonyTracker

Ultra fast microbial detection. Why wait?