Microbiological Valentine’s day

valentinesday microbiology flowerWe love microbiology! It’s a fascination field of research that changes quicker than anyone can grasp.

Bacteria have been on earth long before us (and will be there after we have left) and have since dominated our planet, the first to come and if humans eer leave earth bacteria will likely persist when we have been long forgotten.

For this years Microbiological Valentine’s day we share this beautiful and creative image of a flower on Eosin Methylene Blue Agar media with Escherichia coli as the stem and leaves and Salmonella paratyphi as the petals. With special thanks to Joshua Johnson for sharing!

Just for some Valantine’s fun these microbio pick up lines:

I do not compromise anything to taq you.

Please would you be my co-enzyme and help in my co-metabolism.

I can’t wait to conjugate (I do it with culture and senstivity).