Antibiotic resistance on the rise – Microbiology Game

Pandemic riskBacteria are everywhere, but remain unseen most of the time. The average keyboard has about 100 times more bacteria relaxing on it’s surface then the average toilet seat. Think about it, most people clean the toilet way more often then their computer keyboards.

At SuperDuperBug, they are so crazy about bacteria that they even developed two Microbiology Games to play with them (or better yet against them)

QuorumBubble – Microbiology Game

You are up agains harmfull pathogens that are invading your body! These guys are not planning to play nice like our friendly microbiome, these guys will try to multiply and make you ill. Getting rid of them can be quite tricky since resistance against our antibiotics is on the rise… A team of doctors and scientists are designing new strategies to combat the bugs – But will they be good enough?

Kill all the invading bacteria with the right antibiotics. But be carefull the bacteria are evolving, developing antimicrobial resistance.

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MacrophageGame – Microbiology Game

Foot soldiers of our immune system. Shape-shifting cells called macrophages are the first line of defence against invading bacteria. Help our macrophage friend find rogue bacteria and eat them!

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  • Micro-what? Microbes are tiny living things, so small we can’t see them.
  • Microbes are everywhere and play many roles.
  • Many bacteria are very really useful.
  • (No, really, you wouldn’t live or excist without them)
  • But others cause diseases and must be DEFEATED
  • Join the fight!