Wipe out worlds population

Pandemic riskWhenever you get tired of hunting microbes and saving people,… Play Pandemic II to wipe out mankind.

In Pandemic II the goal is to create a virus, or organism and eradicate all humans on the earth. Meanwhile, the program is making an attempt to prevent you by having humans work on a vaccine against your pathogen. This might seem like a rather bad game for kids however it has many redemptive options. For example, it ironically it helps the player to learn how to avoid pathogens by how it spreads and how dangerous it can be. It additionally teaches many biology terms, evolutionary concepts and  public health and safety problems.

It’s not often that you see a non-violent game that’s about wiping out the whole world’s population, but don’t be fooled; this strategic game is special, and very addictive.

Pandemic II

While current world events are displayed on the side of the screen the player is building its pathogen of destruction. Clues are given as to how to optimally evolve the disease. For example, if a country is dealing with widespread flooding, it’s time to make the disease waterborne. Symptoms can be added when the game processes, but it is best to keep a low profile untill the disease has spread to several countries and continents. Eventually mankind can be wiped out by the players creative choice of symptoms (eg. a combination sweating, dementia and fatigue).