Blue Stirton Time Lapse microscopy

Perhaps the first movie to be banned in the United Kingdom is this Time Lapse microscopy movie on these tiny creatures flocking blue Stirton cheese. Back in those days (1903!) people where amazed by the inhabitant making their favourite dairy product. The short movie was eventually withdrawn.



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In cooperation with the Royal institute of tropical disease in Amsterdam and MicroDISH, LumiByte developed an ultra fast method to determine bacterial growth and antibiotic susceptibility using Time Lapse imaging.


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  • Acknowledgment

    Time Lapse microscopyInvolved in the development of Time Lapse stop motion microscopy for the rapid detection of microbial growth and antibiotic susceptibility testing:

    Alice den Hertog – KIT Biomedical Research
    Richard Anthony – KIT Biomedical Research
    Frank Fey – Center for concepts in Mechatronics, Nuenen
    Colin J. Ingham – MicroDISH, Utrecht