Automated and Fast Susceptibility Testing  

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The emergence and spread of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria is a serious health threat. The increasingly rapid transmission across international borders makes it a global problem. Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria are associated with the extensive and increasing use of antimicrobial agents. For resistant pathogens treatment options have become limited. Infections with resistant pathogens are associated with higher mortality and morbidity rates and higher health care costs. Early targeted antibiotic treatment is an important prognostic factor, especially for seriously ill patients. The MicrobialBehaviourExplorer is a flexible platform developed to allow automated, fast and reliable susceptibility testing.

Test before treatment!

Microbial Behaviour Explorer

Avoidance of inappropriate broad-spectrum antimicrobial therapy can prevent antimicrobial resistance.


This instrument will revolutionize the speed and efficiency of antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacterial cultures.

The MicrobialBehaviourExplorer system is suited for imaging and monitoring all growing bacteria. It is user-friendly and can accommodate a broad range of applications within bacteriology. Real-time detection of bacterial growth and antimicrobial susceptibility is linked to supporting imaging material. The technology improves antimicrobial susceptibility testing by reducing hands-on and incubation times and give rapid results that can lead to early targeted antibiotic therapy. A targeted narrow-spectrum antibiotic with adequate coverage will reduce bacterial antimicrobial resistance and reduce costs.

Save antibiotics for the next generation