Sioux and CCM join forces to become a leading system house Eindhoven

October, 2014 – Sioux and CCM combine their complementary strengths and become the largest independent system house in the Benelux. CCM is a powerful player in the field of mechatronic systems and Sioux in the domain of embedded systems. Together they become an innovative technology partner with over 400 multi-disciplinary engineers. CCM is going to be a subsidiary of the Sioux Group.

Together they can offer the entire range from technology consultancy to total product development, production and life cycle management to their customers. By joining forces a leading company is created that can accommodate the development of complete high-tech products and systems in which software is an increasingly important component. Both CCM and Sioux are breeding grounds for innovative solutions. By combining disciplines of both companies optimal integration of mechanics, optics, physics, dynamics, electronics, mathematics and software is achieved during the product creation process. Core competencies are precision technology, (motion) control engineering, vacuum technology and hybrid drives, as well as machine control, image processing, user interaction, remote services and mobile apps.

Henny van Doorne of CCM: “By merging with Sioux we can strategically strengthen our first tier position in the high-tech industry and thus provide even more interesting work to our employees.” Hans Duisters of Sioux: “I am extremely pleased with this substantial reinforcement of our competencies with new disciplines that we can offer to our customers. The cultural match in quality, attitude and inspiration of both companies promises a bright future.”

Sioux also took over the spin-off companies of CCM. LumiByte develops and manufactures the MuScan product, a device to quickly and automatically detect bacteria such as salmonella, legionella and MRSA. Medi Spirit manufactures the Whistler product, a unique lung function tester which detects asthma at a comfortable and accurate way for both pediatric and adult use.

Sioux improves its position in the market through adding CCM’s customer base and creates a balanced portfolio of clients in the life science & health, semiconductor, agro & food, automotive, image & printing, consumer electronics and telecommunications, professional equipment manufacturing and traffic, transport & infrastructure industry.

Hans Duisters: “Sioux aims to attract versatile and varied assignments of both local and international clients to the Brainport region. This technology region is world renowned and the manufacturing industry is one of its main pillars. One single job in R&D provides ten jobs in manufacturing, supply and service.”