Sepsis in 5 minutes

sepsis 3Previously we supported a video from iMedical School about sepsis (link: Sepsis in 5 minutes). Although the information provided in that video was accurate at the time, progress has been made since. New data and insight in treatment are available and a fairly good summary is given in the updated version of the video below.

The talk by “Dr. Kate” gives a clear definition, guidelines for diagnosis as well as management of sepsis.

Again it is clearly stated that a delay in antibiotic treatment significantly reduces patient outcome. Every hour of delayed treatment decreases survival chances by eight percent! The common advise is to start with a broad spectrum antimicrobial drug and narrow down when more information about the pathogen is available. Microbiologists are almost like detectives, eliminating potential pathogen suspects untill the cause is known. Clearly the sooner the infectious agent is identified the better, especially when one realizes that broad spectrum antibiotics may not be effective at all and can give serious side effects. There is an urgent need for rapid discriminative tests. A tool to empower microbiologist to execute their tasks faster. LumiByte is involved in multiple scientific projects to accomplish this. Please contact us to be involved in finding a real solution for fast diagnostics..

Sepsis is still often diagnosed too late

Since the clinical symptoms and laboratory signs (WBC count, breathing rate, raised temperature, increased pulse) are not very specific, and sometimes subtle (especially in young children) sepsis is still often overlooked.

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