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Ultra Fast Microbial Detection

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Microbial monitoring and identification is essential to identify sources of contamination and to establish the level of treatment necessary to ensure quality and safety. The MuScan platform offers sensitive, specific and reliable detection of microorganisms. Less than 60 minutes instead of days!

Ultra Fast!

MuScan workflow

From sampling to results in less then 60 minutes!

Discrimination of living and death micro-organisms

The need for Rapid Microbial Detection is evident. The MuScan solution eliminates the time consuming enrichment step. Instead, all micro organisms in a large volume sample are concentrated and automatically scanned with digital fluorescent microscopy. The MuScan platform is essentially the intelligent integration of multiple proven technologies. Fluorescent staining/ labeling and patented MuScan scanning technology combined. The MuScan will detect even 1 single cell in a 1 liter sample.

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LumiBYte systems for rapid microbial detection
With the MuScan platform, you can detect everything by simply concentrating the complete bacterial load. Time consuming amplification is no longer needed. Traditional techniques all need some form of amplification, merely amplifying a distortion of reality. Instead of amplifying only part of the organisms in the sample, you now have the option to see the complete picture, with your organisms-of-interest shining in the spotlight. There is no need for microbial enrichment. Simply concentrate the sample and see what is really in there.
The microsieves are produced using a patented lithography-based procedure. 0.45mm pores are precision etched in an ultra thin siliconnitride membrane. These microsieves have a high porosity and are extremely thin resulting in a near to maximum flux. The filtration process is non-tortuous; microbes stay intact on the filter surface.

The perfect flatness of the microsieve results in razor sharp images. Depending on the sample matrix, filtration can be done using gravity, centrifugation or vacuum.

The MuScan platform can detect all microorganisms, focus on one or more specifically or do everything at once. Fluorescent stains or complete, ready to use ultra fast test kits are available through our distributor partners.

Sample preparation requires only a minimal amount of reagent. The application of a lithographic microsieve offers an unique concentration technology that quickly provides a bacterial sample of high quality. In contrast to conventional, torturous filters, the pores of a micro sieve are very well defined. Each pore has the same dimensions. The silicon-based filter material is chemically inert. The physical properties can be modified by allocation of coatings.

Discrimination of living and death micro-organisms


Ultra Fast enumeration with the MuScan enables manufacturers to make timely cost saving decisions and reduce inventory carrying expenses by providing results in minutes instead of days.


Expected savings:

  • Reduced product losses
  • Swift root cause analysis
  • Reduced labor cost through the automation of sample processing, analysis, and result documentation
  • Reduced cost due to integration with laboratory information and quality systems

Filtration and Concentration

No need to culture!

Fully Automated Scanning

As soon as your sample is presented to the MuScan, the user friendly software will guide you through the whole measuring cycle. The complete sample is scanned in a step-and-scan procedure. For each emission capturing image, the sample is briefly illuminated with light of your preferred wavelength. The standard model is equipped with multiple LED’s and filters tailored to your needs. A high quality digital fluorescent microscope supplements the digital camera. The complete sample is concentrated on a 3×3 mm surface and imaged with high 0.5µm resolution. While scanning is still in process, the image processing software immediately analyses the images.

Staining or fluorescent tagging of microorganisms in a sample with fluorescent dyes and/or labels is a well-known and very sensitive way of detection of specific bacteria. In combination with a micro sieve, the needed quantity of staining liquids is drastically reduced. The MuScan platform scans the surface of the micro sieve.

In total 221 non-overlapping areas per microsieve are imaged in a step and scan process, analyzing the complete micro sieve surface. Every area can be imaged using multiple LED’s and thus provide the user with discriminative information on the micro organisms present in the sample.

Up to 12 different fluorescent labels can be used per sample.4 different LED's Rapid Micro

Includes software to work optimal with a broad range of test kits

Fully Automated Analysis

Smart image processing software analyses all 200+ images taken from the surface of the microsieve. It combines information on spot size, shape and fluorescent signal. Results are presented in an Excell and/or Pdf document, including the most important images. All data is stored on the computer system and can be viewed when needed.

The digital microscope delivers images with a high magnification and high quality. These images can be analyzed automatically to detect the presence of bacteria. The information from multiple images can be combined. This way, the effort to analyze a sample by a skilled person is substantially reduced, it even allows for combined staining protocols with different LED’s that are not possible without the MuScan platform.

Ultra fast microbial detection. Why wait?