• MuScan
  • Microbial Behaviour Explorer


Look into the future,…
See the invisible
Look beyond the pixels
And Revolutionize
The MuScan – for single cell detection –
Near instant rapid microbial detection!

The ColonyTracker provides ultra fast automated detection of microbial contamination of pharmaceutical and/or biotechnological products.
Automated Real Time Microscopic Growth Monitoring!

The MicrobialBehaviourExplorer – provides a real-time analysis of bacterial processes including antimicrobial efficacy screening using an automated optical detection system that monitors individual dividing bacteria.

LumiByte offers complete solutions for rapid microbial detection. Our technologies empower microbiologists by providing the essential information needed to take action days before traditional methods.

Meet Our Team

Henny van Doorne
Henny van DoorneCEO
LumiByte can build upon more than 35 years of experience and degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Business Marketing (University of Eindhoven), from its CEO for this start-up phase. In the past the CEO at interim served in management and board positions at companies like DAF, Stork Protecon/CFS, Toolex and Eurotech Group. Currently CEO of CCM and the proud CEO at interim of LumiByte, holding final responsibility for all business activities.
Edwin Langerak
Edwin LangerakCTO
a background in product development of life-sciences equipment, a degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Eindhoven), a MBA degree, extensive product management experience and a history and inner drive to reach beyond average best describe LumiBytes CTO. Currently also active and responsible for business development.
Vivian Monteban
Vivian MontebanCCO
With a degree in Molecular Sciences (Wageningen University & Research center, experience in commercial and scientific writing and extensive experience in marketing and sales of both diagnostic products and R&D life science product and hands-on knowledge and experience with distributor management LumiBytes CCO provides a bridge to the microbial market (and vica versa).
Frank Fey
Frank FeySystem Architect
the system architect and father of the MuScan system, holds a PhD degree in Physics. He is very experienced in the optical design of camera systems, fluorescent imaging and creating smart solutions. He also developed the image processing routines and is co-author of multiple scientific papers related to LumiByte systems.